2021 SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Essen, Germany
   DATE:2021-04-22     Browse:348    
Exhibition Date 2021-09-13 TO 2021-09-17
Exhibition City Germany
Exhibition Address Germany
Exhibition Hall name Essen Exhibition and Convention Center
Organizer Essen Exhibition and Convention Center
Exhibition Notes
The German Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition is held every
Exhibition Description

Exhibition Overview:The German Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition is held every four years and is co-sponsored by the German Essen Exhibition Company and the German Welding Society.This is the world's leading welding technology exhibition.As an Olympic event in the welding industry,the Essen Welding Exhibition in Germany showcases a welding field full of innovation and vitality,which can reflect the current status and development trend of international welding technology.The exhibition opened up a special exhibition area for companies in the bonding field,so that they can focus on showing themselves and develop new customers with a goal.Another professional exhibition area is the quality testing exhibition area,which includes manufacturers and service providers in the testing and quality assurance industry..

Exhibition review:In 2017,a total of 1030 exhibitors from 41 countries participated in the exhibition,with 210 Chinese exhibitors and an exhibition area of​​4,500 square meters.

Exhibitors scope:1.Welding equipment:all kinds of arc welding,plasma welding,resistance welding,solid state pressure welding,laser welding,electroslag welding,surface surfacing,friction welding,electron beam welding equipment and processing equipment,hard(soft)brazing equipment,Dedicated complete sets of welding equipment,spraying equipment,welding robots,etc.;2.Cutting equipment:CNC cutting machine,plasma cutting machine,laser cutting machine,flame cutting machine,metal cutting machine tool,metal sheet cutting machine tool and processing center,shearing machine,hydraulic cutting machine,wire cutting machine tool,pipe cutting machine and other metals Processing and cutting machine equipment,etc.;3.Welding auxiliary equipment:welding equipment,welding tools,automatic operating machines,roller racks,wire feeders,fixtures,etc.;4.Welding machine accessories:welding torch,welding torch,welding protective mask,protective clothing,protective gloves,flue gas extraction device,electrodes,ceramic parts,insulating parts,flow machines,gas proportioners,cables,etc.;5.Welding materials and consumables:various welding materials such as welding rods,flux,welding wire,solder powder,solder paste,etc.;6.Weld inspection equipment:weld inspection equipment,automatic tracking device,inspection equipment,weld metallographic analysis equipment,etc.;

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