2021 German International Gear Conference
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Exhibition Date 2021-09-15 TO 2021-09-17
Exhibition City
Exhibition Address Munich
Exhibition Hall name Munich
Organizer Munich
Exhibition Notes
about Gear Meeting.The 9th German International Gear Conference will be
Exhibition Description
about Gear Meeting:The 9th German International Gear Conference will be held in Munich on September 15-17,2021.This conference was supported by national and international associations and brought together more than 500 experts from the international gear transmission industry.It is a world-class forum in the gear field,where you can learn about the latest developments and research results of the powertrain industry and academia.

Purpose of the exhibition:The International Conference on Gears and Transmissions provides an exchange platform for Internet manufacturers and researchers of gears and transmission systems.At the ninth 2021 conference,you can learn about the latest developments and research results in the powertrain industry and academia.Gears with the most advanced technology can transmit power and convert torque and speed with high efficiency and high power density in a low noise environment,which determines the performance of the mechanical power system.The gears are adjusted to adapt to new demands arising from environmental changes,such as the evolution of mobility and energy innovation.And to promote the development of the powertrain industry and the progress of the gear industry.The conference showed that gears have great development potential and how gears can help meet the increasing demands for energy efficiency,resource utilization and comfort.At the same time as the meeting,you can also see the exhibition of powertrain related programs and networks with your colleagues.

Call for Papers:At the same time,a large number of suggestions and essays on how to improve the quality of gears have been submitted around the world,which shows that there are still improvements in the field of gears andtransmissions,how gears can help improve energy efficiency,reduce resource consumption,and how new technologies can be integrated into the power transmission system.space.Explore innovative gear technology,build networks and establish partnerships all over the world"International Gear Conference"will

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