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Filter element dust collector
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Last update: 2020-08-21 16:04
Product Details
 The filter element dust collector not only has the characteristics of strong dust removal ability, high dust removal efficiency, and low emission concentration of the jet pulse dust collector, but also has the characteristics of stability and reliability, low energy consumption, and small footprint. It is especially suitable for handling large air volume smoke. gas. The PH-II combined filter element dust collector has been widely used abroad and has been widely promoted in China. Its many advantages have gradually been recognized by many users and have been widely welcomed. It has been used for steelmaking electric furnaces, abrasive smelting, calcium carbide furnaces, blast furnace gas purification, coal powder preparation and pneumatic conveying, asphalt concrete production, carbon black, building materials, refractory , Chemical industry, aluminum electrolysis, aluminum-zinc smelting and other fields.
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