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Pulse bag filter
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Product Details
 The pulse bag dust collector is composed of ash hopper, upper box body, middle box body, lower box body, etc. The upper, middle and lower boxes are divided into chambers. When working, the dust-laden gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet, and the coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper. The fine dust particles enter the middle and lower boxes with the turning of the air flow. The dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag. The gas enters the upper box to the clean gas collection pipe-exhaust duct, and is exhausted to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. The cleaning process is to first cut off the clean air outlet air duct of the room, so that the cloth bag of the room is in a state where there is no air flow (the divided room stops the air to clean the dust). Then open the pulse valve and use compressed air for pulse blowing and cleaning. The closing time of the shut-off valve is sufficient to ensure that the dust peeled off from the filter bag settles into the hopper after blowing, avoiding the dust from being attached to the airflow after leaving the surface of the filter bag The phenomenon of reaching the surface of the adjacent filter bag makes the filter bag clean completely, and the exhaust valve, pulse valve and ash unloading valve are automatically controlled by the programmable controller.
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