Asian Pure Cuisine Sesame Oil Commonly Used in Cooking with Recipes

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1.Best pure sesame oil introduction.

If you are interested in the Asian cooking recipes,you may know a necessary sesame seasoning called organic sesame oil.People in Asian like use it in cooking.Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds, it smells a special scent, so it is usually called sesame oil.Sesame oil, due to the seeds from sesame seeds, so called "sesame oil". As sesame seeds made by the roasted sesame oil often rich aroma, therefore, in northern China, people call it "sesame oil"; in southern China, people call it "sesame oil." In ancient times, sesame is also known as "flax", "fat", so people called sesame oil "sesame oil", "fat sesame oil", in Japan and South Korea, people also call it "sesame oil." People in order to express the love of sesame and sesame oil, the sesame known as the "oil crop queen", the sesame oil known as "vegetable oil king".


2. Parameter of the Asian cooking recipes——sesame oil


Sesame oil

Oil production


Main nutrients

Vitamin e, linoleic acid, iron, calcium

Suitble people



Daily 10 to 20 grams

Sesame seed

We supply the sesame seed from Japan,Japan's sesame classification is very careful.We buy the best quality sesame seed in Yokohama, Japan to product the 100% pure sesame oil

If you have a favorite sesame source, you can contact us. We will contact the local purchase, use the sesame seeds you need to make sesame oil.

Sesame oil nutrition ingredients:

As one of the three best cooking oils of sesame oil, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, through the study of the chemical composition of sesame oil, sesame oil contains the following substances:


Unsaturated fatty acids (important nutrients)

about 85 percent

Palm oleic acid


Oleic acid


Linoleic acid (human essential fatty acids)


Linolenic acid (essential fatty acids)


Aromatic acid



saturated fatty acid


Palmitic acid


Stearic acid


Arachidic acid


Behenic acid



No saponification (including important nutrients)



Sesame Phenol: Natural Antioxidant. about 0.1 ‰


Sesame phenol


Sesame forest


Sesame phenolin






Squalene (antioxidant)


Phospholipids (lecithin, lecithin, other phospholipids)


3. Advantages of the sesame oil

The survey found that pregnant and lactating women eat more sesame oil can help them speed up the removal of blood, add the loss of vitamin E, iron, calcium, and other body needs nutrition, it will improve their resistance. Especially during pregnancy and lactation, women eat more sesame oil can help women protect their health and promote metabolism better. At the same time, sesame oil does not contain harmful ingredients on the human body, and it contains a particularly rich vitamin E and relatively rich linoleic acid.Linoleic acid can make the blood lipids down, soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, promote microcirculation. Vitamin E, so that women's estrogen concentration increased, improve fertility, prevent miscarriage.

4.The main production process of the Asian sesame oil

Shermark sesame oil is mainly made by Stone grinding.

Stone grinding process low temperature, low pressure, the process temperature is only 60-65 ℃, so it will not damage the aroma of aromatic oil and functional nutrients.

Water generation method to take oil.

The use of high-quality drinking water to achieve easy separation of oil embryo, oil extraction process without adding any chemical solvents, so there is no chemical solvent residue. At the same time, the production process of water generation method makes the heavy metals harmful to the human body because of the proportion of large and from the sesame oil precipitated out, so the method used to prepare the sesame oil is completely healthy.

5.Usage of the sesame oil

(1) Anti-aging: sesame oil rich aroma, the digestive function has been weakened in the elderly,

Not only can increase appetite, more conducive to the absorption of nutrients, sesame oil itself, the digestion and absorption rate is also high, up to 98%. At the same time sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, with the ability to promote cell division and anti-aging. In the elderly with sesame oil, but also can prevent hair loss and premature white hair.

(2) Protection of blood vessels: sesame oil on the softening of blood vessels and maintain vascular elasticity have a good effect, its rich vitamin E, is conducive to maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane and functional normal, but also reduce the accumulation of lipid in the body. Sesame oil contains about 40% of linoleic acid unsaturated fatty acids, easily absorbed and utilized by the body to promote the metabolism of cholesterol and help to eliminate deposits on the arterial wall.

(3)Runchang catharsis: sesame oil a lot of oil, there is a good laxative effect on the constipation have a certain role in the prevention and efficacy. Habitual constipation patients, sooner or later fasting drink a sesame oil, can laxative.

6.How to cook with the Asian best pure sesame oil

Here is one of the Asian cooking recipes.

There is a very convenient cook way if you buy the sesame oil,the name of the dish is Pear silk mixed radish.

Ingredients: 250 grams of white radish, pear 100 grams, 3 grams of ginger, sesame oil 10 grams, the amount of salt, monosodium some.

Ingredients: the pear peeled, to the nuclear, cut into silk; ginger, cut into the end; radish, cut into silk, boiled in boiling water, drain water cool; add pear, ginger, sesame oil, , Mix well.

Function: heat and lungs, Huatanzhike. The meal with pear, sweet, slightly acidic, cool, there are heat phlegm, Sheng Jin Runzao role, can cure bronchitis, Hyperactivity cough. Ginger, can be phlegm cough. This dish is suitable for children with wind-dry bronchitis cough.

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