Organic Refined Pure Good Taste Sesame Oil with Bright Light Golden Color

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 Product Details

1.Bright light color sesame oil’s introduction.

Sesame is a natural health care fat crops, is the daily life of the indispensable seasoning Jiapin, with medicinal, health care function. Small grinding pure sesame oil color appears golden yellow,silky texture.Sesame oil has high nutritional value ,market demand. People can cook hot dishes with golden pure sesame oil,fried good food, steamed fish, you can pour it in the food .


2.Parameter of the refined sesame oil

Unsaturated fatty acids (important nutrients)

about 85 percent

Palm oleic acid


Oleic acid


Linoleic acid (human essential fatty acids)


Linolenic acid (essential fatty acids)


Aromatic acid


We can provide the refined sesame oil in your requirement.We can send it in glass bottles or in organic plastic bags.


3.Feature of the good taste sesame oil

Sesame oil using low temperature (100 ℃ below) water generation system, the flavor is not volatile at low temperatures.Sesame oil has a strong natural aroma, rich flavor and long taste, no sense of smell.Sesame oil in the process of preparation at low temperatures, the nutrients contained in it is not easy to be destroyed. So the nutritional value is higher.Small sesame oil with low soap content, small foam, saponified very soluble in water, due to small grinding sesame oil using water generation method of production, sesame seeds contained in the saponification process in the production process and dissolved in water into the sesame oil residue In the small grinding sesame oil generally small foam.


4.The process of the organic golden color sesame oil

(1) wash sesame seeds

With water to remove sesame seeds mixed with sesame mud, tiny impurities, dust. Soaked sesame seeds for 1-2 hours, soaked sesame water content of 25% - 30%, the sesame drain. If you do not drain into the pot fry, it’s very easy to peeling. Soak is conducive to cell rupture, sesame seeds through the rinse soak water penetration into the integrity of the internal cells, making the gel body up, and then heated stir fry which can make the cells rupture, crude oil outflow.

(2) wok

Initially fry with a fire, then sesame water content will not change scorched. Fried to 20 minutes when the sesame bulb, switch to slow fire, mechanical stir, so that sesame uniform heat. Fried after adding 3% of the amount of sesame cold water, and then fry a minute after the pan. Fried sesame hand twist that is the oil which is brown, teeth bite sesame seeds are crisp and uniform, familiar with the feeling of raw and cooked. The production of sesame oil frying when the furnace to be bigger, we stir fry to master first-class, each kg of oil 45 pounds, black sesame oil out of 25 - 30 pounds range. Good frying frying made sesame oil mellow mellow, no huh.

(3) smoke to miscellaneous

Sesame sesame need to cool down the heat immediately, cooling 7 - 8 minutes, vibration sieve to smoke, charcoal and broken skin. Jiao Mo and broken skin in the latter part of the process will affect the separation of oil and slag, reducing the oil rate. If the pan does not smoke after the heat, may produce burnt smell, affecting the smell and color of sesame oil.

(4) stone mill sauce

We will be help fried crisp baked sesame seeds with stone grinding into sesame paste, sesame paste texture and delicate. We can do the best degree of sesame oil coated in the hands after the blown away no residue, grinding sauce when the automatic feeding material to ensure uniform packing. Stone speed in 30 minutes per minute, the temperature maintained at 65 - 75 degrees Celsius, grinding a few batches of sesame seeds, we will ask the artificial master hand polished stone to find the finest stone art, grinding the most delicate and non-stick stone.

(5) put the water in the sesame oil and stir it .

This process must be mixed with tap water and sauce mixed. The first increase of 60% of the total amount of water, stirring 1 hour. After mixing oil, water, slag three mixed evenly, 40 minutes after the emergence of tiny particles, the external appearance of a very small amount of oil. The second time the total amount of water 20%, stirring 40 - 50 minutes, then the particles gradually become larger, external oil increased, this time began to oil. The third increase in total water 15%, then a large number of oil floating to the surface, the bottom into a honeycomb, flow difficult. The last time depending on the circumstances of our experience Dingcao, reduce the stirring speed stirring for an hour, began skimming.

(6) shock oil, skimmed oil

This process, also known as pier oil, the use of shock method to extract the oil as far as possible, we will continue pier oil 8 hours. The tool is two hollow metal spheres, one hanging in the middle of the pot, Qinru oil slurry, about 1/2 of the hollow metal sphere, the pot body rotation, the ball up and down hit, forcing the oil in the sesame oil extruded, To the surface of the oil layer. about 50 minutes later write off again. Skim off 4 times after the sesame residue released.

(7) precipitation

In order to make the sesame oil in the full precipitation, we will be the establishment of the underground constant temperature pool to sink sesame oil, the first precipitation for 15 days, impurity for the second precipitation, the second precipitation for 30 days.

(8) storage package

Our sesame oil is stored in the bottom of the storage tank, in order to maintain the sesame oil flavor, we deliberately keep the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius. Pick-Mark with automatic mechanical filling, filling plastic seal, sesame oil from the underground storage tank out of automatic filling.


5.Latest news

Sesame oil should be kept in a cool, dark place.Good taste sesame oil is easy to lose incense, in the preservation, we can put a small grinding sesame oil into a small mouth glass bottles, each loaded about 500 grams of oil to add some salt, and then tighten the bottle cap tightly, so salt Dissolve, put it in a dark place for three days, and then pour the salsame oil into the clean brown glass bottle, the lid covered, placed in the dark place to save it, and eat with the take.

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