100% Pure Customizable Special Sesame Seed Oil

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Product Details
 Product Details

1.What is 100% pure customizable sesame oil ?

100% pure customizable sesame oil has the bright golden color with shinny surface.We made sesame oil with pure sesame seeds,never contains any other impurities in the oil.Sesame oil is an excellent spice that has been around for thousands of years.Sesame oil also represents a cultural heritage.


2.Parameter of the special sesame seed oil

saturated fatty acid


Palmitic acid


Stearic acid


Arachidic acid


Behenic acid


No saponification (including important nutrients)



Sesame Phenol: Natural Antioxidant. about 0.1 ‰


Sesame phenol


Sesame forest


Sesame phenolin






Squalene (antioxidant)


Phospholipids (lecithin, lecithin, other phospholipids)



3.The history of the pure sesame seed oil

In China, the history of pure sesame seed oil is very long. As early as the three countries period, there are written records.For the lighting fuel, when the sesame oil is mortar or wood pressed by the law made of sesame seeds.Sesame culture has been the earliest record of more than 1600 years ago.To the Northern and Southern Dynasties, sesame oil has been widely used for food and beverage, to the Tang and Song Dynasties, sesame oil as the most superior edible vegetable oil, applied more widely.According to the scientific analysis of nutritionists, sesame seeds are rich in nutrients needed by the human body, can delay human aging, beauty, etc., consumption of sesame oil to protect blood vessels, laxative, reduce cough and alcohol and tobacco poisoning, protect the throat, Rhinitis and so on are effective.

Cui family, the early Ming Dynasty by the Hongdong County, Shanxi moved to the county Dawei River Cuijiazhuang.One day, lunch, he put the bowl of sesame paste diluted with boiling water ready to add food to the food, because the water plus a little more, with the chopsticks stir, and occasionally found the bowl was drifting a lot of oil beads, he picked up The bowl shook, the oil beads together, and with the hot air floating out of a special smell of the nose, he used a chopstick dipped in some oil tasting a taste, particularly fragrant, he used to grow their own sesame seeds in the pot Fried, and with his own small stone mill will be fried sesame seeds ground into a paste, and sesame paste into his own burning large devil, pour the right amount of water, with a wooden bar in the basin Constantly stirring to get sesame oil.Later spread to the palace. Imperial envy to the emperor a taste, the emperor kept praising, repeatedly said: "and incense! Incense! Put this oil called" sesame oil. "And because this sesame oil is grinding with a small stone, people will Its title "small grinding sesame oil", which is "small grinding sesame oil" origin.


4.about the pure sesame seed oil material

Sesame is a drought-resistant crop, mainly cultivated in Weibei dryland, susceptible to interannual variation of dryland rainfall and uneven distribution of climate factors, yield instability, the interannual variable amplitude. In normal years, the output of sesame is 75 ~ 100kg / 667m2, the drought year is 50 ~ 75kg / 667m.In the special seedling season at seedling stage, it is more difficult to catch seedlings and seedlings. When the harvest period is more rainy in September, the yield and commodity.


5.Qualification of the customizable sesame oil

We use fully automatic stone to grind sesame seeds.Small grinding sesame oil using natural plant fiber filtration, to the greatest extent to retain the fragrant oil in the aroma ingredients, while the impact of sesame oil appearance of the wax, because of its affinity for plant fiber and attached to the plant fiber, so use this Process processing of small grinding sesame oil crystal clear appearance, long home will not appear precipitation, can be a long time to maintain its color, smell and taste.


6.Our service

Shermark can produce sesame oil as a raw producer.After the sesame oil has been delivered, you can choose any package to pack the customizable sesame oil or you can label any sesame oil.We will also provide some packaging, if you are satisfied, you can clearly tell us at the time of purchase.


7.Latest news

Sesame oil storage need to pay attention to three points:

(1)Sesame oil to use glass bottles: chemical similar to the truth, that is, the chemical properties of the two substances will be similar to each other, oil and plastic chemical properties are very similar, but the dissolution rate is not so fast , A short time can be placed in the plastic bottle, but the role of daily use is best placed in the glass bottle.

(2)Sesame oil to keep away from light: the characteristics of sesame oil see light easy to oxidize deterioration, taste deterioration so sesame oil to keep away from light.

(3)Sesame oil bottle stopper is best not to use rubber stopper: rubber stopper for a long time and sesame oil taste, sesame oil taste on the broken, in the use of rubber plug when the outside must use plastic to be isolated.

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