Natural Organic Healthy Sesame Seed Oil with Vitamin

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1.Introduction of the natural vitamin sesame oil

The natural vitamin sesame oil smells a strong sesame aroma.Sesame grows in a hot climate, abundant rainfall, multiple cropping indices, many in hills and thin.Mainly distributed in Pingyu, Xincai, XIangcheng, Shenqiu Counties in Henan Province and Linquan County in Anhui Province in China. Due to the comfortable soil and climate character, sesame seeds produced in above areas have high oil content with white seed coat and delicious flavor.


2.Parameter of the organic sesame seed oil

Here are the basic parameters of the organic sesame seed oil



Sesame seed oil








Strong sesame aroma


White sesame seeds

Refined Type

Water Extraction Method

Place of Origin

Shandong, China (Mainland)



3.Advantage of the natural sesame oil

Why more and more people choose the natural sesame oil?In many spices, sesame oil is like a magician.No matter how bad the food tastes,if you add sesame oil on the food ,it will taste delicious immediately , people can mention appetite.From the nutritional point of view, the elderly should be appropriate to eat more natural sesame oil.Because sesame oil’s aroma can increase appetite, but also laxative, treatment of constipation.At the same time, the elderly can also soften the oil sesame oil, eliminate old age spots, prevent hair loss and premature white hair.Especially for those who like smoking and alcohol, for a long time with sesame oil can protect the gums and mouth.


4.Usage of the healthy sesame oil made by Shermark

Treatment of cough, especially dry cough, at night before going to bed with pure sesame sesame oil fried eggs, of course if you like sweet taste you can put in some honey is also good .The healthy sesame oil put a little more dry cough night before going to bed with pure sesame oil fried egg oil put a little more what seasoning are not put any seasoning are not put The This side is used for lungs and expectoration, if you feel that the lungs are not easy to discharge sputum, this side does have effect.

5.Packing details of the organic healthy sesame oil

Packing in glass bottle, plastic barrel,plastic bucket,plastic bag,Can ,then in CTN or as customer's requirement.


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are a professional sesame oil manufacturer for many years.You will be offered with products with excellent quality and competitive price.


Q:Can I visit your manufacturer?

A:Yes,you are very welcome to visit our manufacturer and see the sesame oil production process at any time.


Q:Can you make products in our brand?

A:Yes,we can produce product according to your request,and your brand samples are needed.

7.Latest news

Edible sesame oil can enhance the flexibility of our vocal cords, for many of the throat with hoarse chronic laryngitis, is a great recovery.It also contains a wealth of vitamins, can alleviate the aging of people's body organs, but also to promote metabolism, moisturizing our skin, with whitening effect, but also has a good effect on freckle, but also to prevent hair loss and white.


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