Simple Design Layer Chicken Equipment

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Detailed description
 1.Product introduction

1) Material: High-quality low-carbon steel wire.

2)Production: Arrangement welding, spot welding, galvanizing, color plating, silver and white plating, hot plating, plastic spraying

3)Specification: 195 cm long, 42 cm deep, 40 cm high in front and 35 cm high in back.

4)Each group has 6 cages or 8 cages, each has 5 gates, each can raise 4 chickens, each group can raise 120/160 chickens.

5)Each group is equipped with 6/8 chicken cages, 6/8 perforated PVC pipes, 6/8 white plastic steel troughs, 30/40 nipples drinking water, 1 chicken cage bracket (one at the top of each row needs to be purchased separately), connectors, plugs, three-way elbows and other complete sets of accessories.


2.Product specification


tiers and doors

cell size (mm)

unit size(mm)

Birds Qty











3. Product feature and application

1) Smooth mesh to prevent chicken foot infection.

2)Encryption of partition net and bottom net can effectively prevent feather pecking, anal pecking and fatigue syndrome of laying hens.

3)High density feeding can save land, centralized management can save energy and resources, and reduce costs, which is conducive to epidemic prevention and reduce the incidence of avian diseases.

4)Expansion: Easy to assemble, suitable adjustments can be made according to the site, single-layer, multi-layer, step-by-step adjustments can be made, automatic drinking water can be added, automatic filling, automatic fecal cleaning can be realized, and aquaculture automation can be realized.

4.Production details

1)The raw material of cage net is Q235 high elasticity and high strength special steel wire for bridge. It adopts cold drawing technology and then hot dipping zinc treatment to maintain toughness and ensure longer service life.Technology and material are far ahead of their peers.


2)The water supply system adopts a special pressure regulator, which is a fully enclosed water pressure regulating device. It can release a large amount of drinking water at very low water pressure. The water pressure is displayed by a clear and readable water level pipe. Moreover, it has the characteristics of large amount of water on-line flushing and simple maintenance. The working pressure ranges from 0.1 MP to 0.3 MP. The suitable diameter of drinking water pipe is 25mm and 26mm.


3)The dung at the end of chicken house is transported by 2.5mm dung belt. Each row of chicken dung is transported to the outside of chicken house. It can be directly loaded or transported to the chicken dung treatment equipment for fermentation and converted into organic fertilizer.


5.Deliver,shipping and serving

1)Deliver time:20-45 days

2)Port:Qingdao or you reserved port

3)Serving:We will provide customers with chicken house drawing design, high-quality equipment recommendation, careful installation guidance service and patient 24-hour after-sales service.


Q:Does your equipment have a shelf life?

A:Our equipment is guaranteed free of charge for one year in case of non-man-made damage and will be provided with paid service after one year.You can contact our after-sales staff at any time.

Q:Can your feeding equipment be customized to our requirements?

A:Our feeding equipment is designed according to the matching of cages. Normally, it will not change the size. You can also customize the feeding equipment according to our cages.

Q:Will the solder joints of your cages be opened?

A:The most advanced welding machine is used for spot welding of large meshes, while manual welding is used for small meshes. The welding joints are small, the links are firm, durable and the service life is long.

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