Biofuel Derived from Plant Biomass Energy and Biomass Energy Source from Wood Biomass

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Detailed description
 The wood biomass offers other significant environmental and consumer benefits, including improving forest health, protecting air quality, and offering the most dependable renewable biomass energy source.


Bio-oil, refers to the medium temperature (500 ~ 600 ℃),in the case of oxygen isolation, the biomass particles are rapidly heated to dissociate,the cooled quickly again get a dark brown liquid. It is a potential liquid fuel and chemical raw material with a wide range of raw materials, renewable and convenient transportation and high energy density. Biological oil as fuel can be used for kiln and boiler heat production equipment, such as the biological oil used in diesel engines also has a great application prospect, to reduce the diesel consumption, ease of high quality fuel oil supply tension has important significance.


Clean fuel/biomass fuel/diesel alternative/Aviation fuel alternatives/bonding biomass fuel



The use of biomass fuel oil

●This product belongs to a new type of clean fuel, the preliminary processing can replace the heavy oil combustion, the deep processing can replace some diesel, aviation fuel and the military flame thrower and other oil products. 

●After deep processing products in adhesive, anti-corrosion coating application prospect, because the extracted from natural plants, safe does not contain formaldehyde and other pollutants, is the ideal adhesion, anti-corrosive material.

●Using plant biomass energy cuts back on waste and greenhouse gas emissions.


Toroyal factory



Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., affiliated to Shandong Toroyal Group.Main products cover wood vinegar liquid, biochar,biomass fuel, biomass silicon potash green environmental protection, economic and energy-saving products, are widely used in ecological agriculture, forestry, industry and other fields.



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According to our company policy, we will charge you the express fee in the first time but the sample will be free. While we start our business, we will reimburse the money for you.

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We are professional in the manufacturing (over 15 years' experience),and we have good experience for export. We can offer you competitive price with lowest cost but good quality.

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China main port.

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30% TT in advance, 70% balance before container loading.

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