Single Head Stone Carving Machine

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Detailed description

Single stone carving machine is especially suitable for the first time to buy the machine customer use, simple operation, powerful function. It is a cost-effective model, especially suitable for tombstone carving, lettering, lines, indoor and outdoor relief sculpture. Its common models are: 1318 model, 1325 model, 1525 model, 2030 model.


General situation

Single-head stone carving machine is widely used in stone processing industry, stone tablet tombstone processing industry, mold processing industry, all kinds of art relief, decoration decoration industry, ceramic processing, advertising industry and so on. It is used in marble, jade, granite, tombstone, milestone, ceramics, glass, bluestone and other materials three-dimensional relief, and cutting, chamfering, drilling and other two-dimensional relief. Alias:tombstone engraving machine, computer engraving machine, computer engraving machine. We will provide customers with relevant technical consultation and equipment maintenance, maintenance and repair services.



Product feature and application

1. This machine design reasonable process flow for customers according to their product positioning;

2. It assists customers in technical transformation of the whole process to improve their production efficiency and capacity;

3. The machine was designed customized CNC engraving machine configuration and other production equipment for customers, and provided equipment accessories for equipment application enterprises

4. We can assisted customers to test, inspect and analyze new processing technologies, and put forward physical and chemical Suggestions and improvement plans;

5. The machine improve the operation level of customers in the application of CNC equipment,  train the ability of equipment operation and use, and improve the application efficiency of customers.



Production details 

1. The overall structure is a heavy t-type bed, which is strong and durable without deformation and has a large bearing weight. It is suitable for the processing of heavy stone materials such as tombstones;

2. The guide rail is imported type 25 linear and square wide guide rail, and the processing process is stable and powerful, without shaking or vibration, so as not to damage the workpiece, slider and tool, and the accuracy is improved accordingly;

3. Install dust-proof design on the three-axis, effectively protect the transmission and positioning of the original parts of the machine, so as to keep it in a good working state, free from the attack of cooling water and dust;

4. Adopt automatic oil injection lubrication system, maintain slide guide rail by yourself, avoid maintenance of the whole machine, and improve the service life of the machine;

High power and low energy consumption frequency conversion system, so that its cutting and engraving strength increased, the processing process is easy and fast, fast, high quality, energy saving;

5. High precision rack transmission, high transmission accuracy, speed, power, smooth processing.


Product parameter 

Rated input power


No-load speed:


Plunger travel length

1300 * 2500

Diameter of base plate


Rated voltage


Turnover number


Power supply type

The ac power

Milling cutter diameter

3.175 to 12.7

Collet chuck

The knife clip



Scope of application

Natural marble, wood, density   board, granite

Processing and customization


Spindle speed


Net weight



Engraving machine

Work form

Fully automatic

Product type


Rated power

6000 kw


1300 * 2500 * 150 mm

Maximum machining length

Maximum machining length

Maximum machining thicknes

150 mm

Maximum machining widt

1300 mm

Machine weight

1200 kg

Feeding speed




Q:Is it direct sale by manufacturers?

A:We are manufacturers of direct sales, professional technical personnel do after-sales. Since the day of receiving the machine, please take the initiative to ask for the technical after-sales call in the factory.

Q:What if we can't install it ourselves?

A:We will provide you with installation training, debugging and other services for free through video remote, until you work normally, to ensure that you can process and produce independently.

Q:Do you provide engraving designs?

A:We will give you a large number of free engraving design patterns, and from the date of purchase, you will enjoy a lifetime of free software upgrade.

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