Gantry Stone Cutting Machine

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Detailed description
 1. Product Introduction of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine

Gantry stone cutting machine is widely used in small and medium-sized stone processing plants, to a certain extent, it is a multi-function equipment. It is a beam lifting stone cutting machine, mainly used in the production of granite, marble slabs and profiles. It is one of the main equipment for mass production of stone products in modern stone processing plants.

The machine adopts double pillars and large crossbeams for lifting and lowering, and the spindle box adopts double-axis structure design. It can cut large waste materials at one time without unloading the board halfway. It can also hang three or two sizes of common cutting board. It is the first choice equipment for cutting large size slabs and trimming the edges of waste materials.

The gantry stone cutting machine produced by our company adopts a long-span bridge structure, and the side girder of the girder is sealed with oil-immersed guide rail. The automatic shifting slicing and cutting tool system adopts imported frequency converter to realize stepless speed control cutting. It is equipped with 360-degree rotary table. It has flexible rotation, accurate positioning and good rigidity, so that the machine can cut steadily and efficiently. It is an ideal equipment for processing high-value stone materials, tombstone handicraft and roadside stones.


2. Product Parameter of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine



Maximum diameter of vertical disc


Maximum diameter of horizontal disc


Maximum cross stroke


Maximum vertical  stroke


Area of trolley


Total capacity


Overall dimension





3. Product Feature And Application of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine

1 . This machine is based on single arm cutting and gantry cutting, through optimization and improvement of gantry cutting, at the same time using patented technology.

2 . The side beam is cut with hydraulic locking device, which ensures that the whole body does not shake, the cutting efficiency is good and the planarity of the plate is high.

3 . The circuit adopts high quality electrical components and high precision spare parts. The whole machine adopts computer automatic control system and is equipped with computer programming program and LCD display control. It can accurately set cutting parameters.

4 . Longitudinally, the main body is actively correctly by frequency converter and magnetic suspension ruler,which effectively improves the automation level of the machine and greatly reduces the production cost.

5 . It is an effective new model to replace single-arm stone cutting machine in the environment of rising wages and shortage of skilled workers.



4 . Production Details of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine


5 . Product Qualification of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine



6 . Deliver , Shipping And Serving of the Gantry Stone Cutting Machine



7 . FAQ


Q:How will the buyer pay?

A:You can pay by T/T or T/C.

Q:How thick can this machine process?

A:Our machine is suitable for processing litchi panels with different thickness.

8 . Latest News

First of all, the improvement of stone saw machine can increase the recycling of stone machinery industry. Compared with building materials, the stone machinery industry has good quality, but the stone is hard, which increases the difficulty of mining, raises the cost, requires high surface treatment, cuts large area per unit volume, and invests more processing cost per unit area. Therefore, its price is high, and some valuable decoration stone is worth thousands of yuan per square meter. The further improvement of stone sawing machine, such as rock sawing machine, is to adjust the use process of stone sawing machine according to its own rules of use, so that the details of stone processing can be better improved.

Secondly, the improvement of stone saw machine drives the demand of stone machinery industry. The stone machinery industry itself is a machine dealing with difficult materials, and then to deal with them.

As well as the transformation, in view of the development of the saw machine, the domestic demand is relatively large, and is no longer the traditional way of handling. The emergence of stone saw is stone

One of the highlights of the machinery industry. Its improvement fills in the blank of stone machinery industry. The sawmill itself has the characteristics of novelty, low cost, strong adaptability and good decoration.

In order to create urban scenery and decorate the homes where human beings live, more and more extensive application space has emerged. The saw machine itself has undoubtedly filled the vacancy of rough stone processing.

Bring new development space to stone machinery industry.

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