Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine

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Detailed description
 1 . Production Introduction of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine

    1 . This multi function computer stone copying machine is a high intelligent special shaped stone processing equipment.

     2 . This machine is controlled by PLC and adjusts speed by frequency conversion. It is suitable for special marble and granite, such as lines, Roman columns, large arc plates, etc.

     3 . The entire Chinese processing program can be directly displayed on the screen.

     4 . A total of operating intervals can be selected based on the curvature,and double knife cutting, greatly improving the working efficiency and product quality of the machine.


2. Production Parameter of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine


Blade diameter


Maximum cutting board length


Maximum working depth


Main motor power


Horizontal stroke of saw blade


Water consumption


Horizontal arm lift stroke


Outline dimension



3. Production Feature and Application of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine

      This machine is a computer-controlled gantry shaped line cutting machine. It is specially designed for the special shape of the building. It is used for large-scale processing of lines, Roman columns and other special-shaped stone and plate cutting of granite and marble. It is equipped with double-blade and automatic profiling.

      The multi function computer stone profiling machine is used to process large arc-wide flower lines, shaped domes and curved surfaces of any shape.It also processes columns, vases, Roman columns and fences around the cemetery. This machine uses a special computer software to input graphics. Compared with infrared copying, it saves the trouble of template making and makes the work more precise and efficient.

      Specially shaped stone, such as manual processing or stone carving and other precision machining, is not easy to meet the requirements of users. Manual processing is not suitable for large stone processing, low efficiency and high cost. Stone engraving machine is a finishing process, and the cost of using it is too high. Therefore, in view of the large-scale production of profiled building materials, our multi function computer stone profiling machine is very suitable. 

     You can use the multi-function computer stone profiling machine to mass produce the following shapes of stone.


4.Production Detail of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine


5 . Production Qualification of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine

     Shandong Sambin Machinery Co., Ltd. set high standards for themselves, under the scientific process of management to obtain a series of authority approval. We have gained the key leading enterprises of Industrial production in Shandong province, High-tech enterprises in Shandong provinces. The star enterprises of Chinese patent in Shandong province, National gold medal of forest-product and so on. 


6 . Deliver ,Shipping And Serving of the Multi Function Computer Stone Profiling Machine

     Because of our professional, Shandong Sambin Machinery Co., Ltd. is very strict on product quality requirements, from material selection, processing to assembly, transportation layer upon layer. Because we don't allow any unqualified parts in any factory, so we create a high-precision, low-noise, durable, customers praise the first-class products. Therefore, the quality and technical performance of our products are in a leading position in the same industry.

    Our company's team is composed of many experienced engineers and sales personnel in the stone machinery manufacturing industry. Because of its specialty, Shandong Sambin Machinery Co., Ltd. products are popular not only at the domestic but also abroad. And we can quickly design, develop and improve the most suitable for the market and high quality and high price one-arm stone sawing machine stone processing machinery products through the feedback of the market and customers.



7 . FAQ


1.manufacture promise

We are a professional stone machinery manufacturing company.

2.Quality control

Our machines will be strictly inspected and controlled.


Pack the nude with with plastic film and wire fixing.


8 . Latest News

In recent years, the rise of the stone market in the central and western regions has triggered a mining boom, and the hot sale of high value-added stone products has further driven the stone deep processing market. Sambin Stone Machinery Enterprises are moving in a timely manner. While deep cultivation of the middle-end processing market, some of the additional mining machinery extends upstream; others extend downstream, aiming at stone deep processing equipment. When the tide of urbanization is about to open, the market has been set up.

Speaking of stone machinery, we have to mention Sambin machinery. Since the beginning of this year, in recent years, with the change of mining methods, the market demand for mining machinery has been increasing sharply. As a special stone machinery manufacturer, Sambin Machinery once exported its products to Australia, South Korea, Brazil, India and other countries and regions, and was favored by mining and stone processing industry. In recent years, the company has also slowly developed in stone processing technology, forming a mining and stone processing equipment market line.

Sambin Stone Machinery Enterprise is stepping up more and more, but what is the market space available for excavation? Before the product R&D project was established, these enterprises had already made in-depth market exploration.

Sambin Machinery said that the domestic stone machinery market is still at an early stage, which is a good extension to the upstream. "Domestic stone machinery mainly concentrates in the field of factory processing machinery, and there are not many factories specializing in mining machinery." Even looking at foreign markets, mining machinery is still in the blank. It is reported that wire saw is still used in most foreign mines. This mining method is inefficient and will be replaced by mining machinery sooner or later.

In recent years, due to environmental protection considerations, many local governments along the coast are playing a game of stone industry development and mine closure. Data show that the market demand for mining machinery is strong. In 2011, the total industrial output value of machinery industry was 1.689 billion yuan, an increase of 25% over the previous year. Out of 120 main machinery products, 102 products have achieved growth, of which the mining machinery industry has the fastest growth rate.

With the improvement of people's living standards, whether it is hotel decoration or residence, there is a great demand for special-shaped stone materials such as lines, railings, cylinders, spheres and so on. For example, at present, many places are promoting the standardization of TV background wall. once it goes into effect, it will create a large deep processing market and further stimulate the demand of stone deep processing equipment.

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