Hand Lifting Stone Grinding And Polishing Machine

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Detailed description
 Product introduction

FM250B hand lifting stone grinding and polishing machine uses resin grinding disc, which can realize automatic pressure during grinding and polishing process, and can choose two-speed motor. It is suitable for grinding and polishing of marble, granite and terrazzo.



Main technique parameter

Grinding disc diameter


Spindle height


Maximum swing radius of rocker arm


Minimum turning radius of rocker arm


Motor power


Space installation dimensions





1.The unique LED lighting system in the working area of the automatic polishing machine enables the operator to observe the specific working conditions more clearly.

2. Durable cast aluminium structure with anti-fouling and anti-corrosion shell design;

3. Provide two loading modes: pneumatic loading for single point force and electro-hydraulic vertical driving for central force, which make loading more accurate and reliable.

4. D-shaped grinding disc design makes it more convenient for operators to replace the grinding disc and clean the inner groove of the grinding and polishing machine.

5. The inner groove of the automatic polishing machine is equipped with a liner, which can effectively prevent dirt from clogging the drainage holes and is easy to clean up.

6. The chassis washer is built in the inner groove of the automatic polishing machine, which can make the cleaning of the chassis more smooth and convenient.

7. The flexible pipe design of the cooling water pipe of the automatic polishing machine enables the operator to pick up the handle and wash thoroughly all parts of the inner groove of the polishing machine.

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