Curve Stone Grinding And Polishing Machine

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Detailed description
 Product introduction 

Curve stone grinding and polishing machine is often used in stone processing.It can be used not only for grinding and polishing inner or external curve edges on slabs,but also for profiling edges within the length of 2 meters and width of 1.5 meters.This machine is easy and flexible to operate.



Technical parameter of curve profiling machine



Power supply


Range of arm


Rotation speed of grinding head


Drilling diameter


Inner curve


External curve


Overall dimension




Mechanical characteristics

1. Excellent performance in rough grinding, fine grinding, dry grinding, wet grinding, grinding and polishing processes.

2. Semi-automatic polishing device with smooth rotation and low noise.

3. Excellent workmanship: stainless steel material is used for collecting tray, cover, cover and disc.

4. Reasonable structure, smooth transmission, low noise, easy operation and maintenance.


Usage of curve profiling machine

Grinding and polishing machine is a kind of abrasive equipment. It uses water-resistant abrasive metallographic sandpaper of various sizes to roughen, finish, dry and wet all kinds of metals and their alloys and lithofacies samples. It can also be used as a rough processing process before polishing, and as a polishing sample at the same time. It can finish the grinding and polishing work at one time and has the advantage of multi-purpose.

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