Sand suction rubber hose

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Detailed description
Dredging pipeline
1. High abrasion resistance, UHMV-PE has the best abrasion resistance among all engineering plastics. The higher the molecular weight, the more abrasion resistance. The wear resistance of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe produced by our company is 7 times higher than that of Q235 steel and 2.7 times higher than that of manganese 13 steel.
2. Quick installation. The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is light in weight, convenient for transportation and installation, and does not require large-scale mechanical construction. The length of each section of UHMWPE pipe can be made arbitrarily according to user needs.
3. Resistance to wave impact. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipes have the highest resistance to wave impact, and it is difficult to crack whether it is a strong external impact or internal pressure fluctuations. Its impact strength is 10 times that of nylon 66, 20 times that of U-PVC, 8 times that of polytetrafluoroethylene, and 5 times that of PE. It has better impact resistance under low temperature environment and has strong flexibility.
4. Ring stiffness and high tensile strength. UHMWPE pipes can withstand wind and waves on the water.
5. The coefficient of water resistance is low, the friction resistance is small, and the transmission efficiency is high. The inner wall of the UHMWPE pipe is smooth and the roughness coefficient is 0.00016-0.00022, which is 100 times smaller than the roughness coefficient of the steel pipe (0.015-0.02). It improves the transportation efficiency.
6. Good corrosion resistance: UHMWPE pipe is a saturated molecular cluster structure, so its chemical stability is extremely high, and it can withstand various corrosive media (acid, alkali, salt and seawater within a certain temperature and concentration range ) And the erosion of organic solvents.
7. Non-toxic and tasteless, environmental protection. UHMWPE pipes will not be rotted by microorganisms such as caribbeans and fungi in the ocean or sewage, and will not produce scale and microbial growth.
8. Extremely low temperature resistance. The UHMWPE pipe still has good toughness and extremely high strength at --70 ℃, and can be used for a long time within the range of --70 ℃ -80 ℃.
9. Good aging resistance. The UHMWPE pipe has stable performance and good aging. Can be used on water or on the ground.
10. Good long-term comprehensive benefits and low operating costs
Comprehensive benefits refer to long-term benefits formed by various factors such as construction investment, installation costs, operation and maintenance costs, service life, and energy conservation. The combined benefits of UHMWPE pipes are good, especially the larger the pipe diameter, the lower the cost.
Product Details
【Product Introduction】
The polyethylene buoy produced by Shandong Binzhou Huanghe Hose Factory is a plastic buoy. The outer shell is made of medium-density polyethylene with excellent toughness and filled with high-strength polyurethane foam. Reasonable structure and excellent performance. As the floating material of the dredging water pipeline in the dredging industry, it has become an alternative to traditional steel buoys.
 Product performance characteristics:
1. Good toughness and excellent impact resistance, especially suitable for offshore construction.
2. Light weight, easy to install and carry, low transportation cost.
3. Corrosion resistance and long life. At present, the first batch of floats in our factory has been used for 8 years, and it is still in construction and application.
4. The price is low, and the performance ratio is significantly better than the steel buoy.
【Product Usage】
Mainly used for laying of oceans, salt lakes, fish farming, underwater oil, dredging pipelines.
Purchase Notes
【Product price】
Negotiable or telephone consultation, Tel: 0543-5831202 13805437527
【Packing and Transportation】
 [Purchase] Please call customer service or leave a message on the website, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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