Tanzania Truck Mounted Well Drilling Machines

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Detailed description

Product introduction:

BZC300CHW truck mounted water well drilling rig is truck-mounted rotary drilling rig.

BZC300CHW is truck mounted 300m water well drilling rig. It can drill in different layer(Clay layer, sandy soil layer, weathered rock, bedrock etc) with suitable drilling tools.With reasonable design, superior performance and complete tools, it can drill with different technology, eg. mud, air foam drilling, DTH drilling, air- lifting reverse drilling to suitable different stratum.

The rig has auxiliary rod relief cylinder which push the ratchet teeth reverse rotation to dismantle the first joint thread of drill pipe, then rotarytable reverse rotate,so lighten labor intensity and improve the life of spare parts.

Rotary table is the main part of the rig.Gear and bearing lubrication way is splash lubrication. When drilling, must put lubricating oil.Open the bolt on the rotarytable neck and open the oil spilling hole plug of the body, add the oil from the neck until the oil outflows from the spilling hole.Summer use 85W/90GL-5 gear oil, winter use 85W/90GL-4 gear oil .



1.It is suitable for drilling various industrial and agricultural well engineering, construction foundation, bridge foundation, oil field casing pipe, high pressure line pile, port wharf and dam foundation in Quaternary loose strata loose and gravel layer.

2.The rig uses mud as the flushing liquor with 6BS gravel pump to drill; the equipped vacuum pump system provides water for the gravel pump.

The rig equips with hydraulic system, hydraulic tower, hydraulic supporting legs.

3.The drill pipe is screw thread joint, with special unloading device, easy to change the drill pipe.

4.The appearance of rig is pretty; it has a high efficiency because of having larger torque; it is suitable for water well engineering, construction, building, bridge foundation, port, dam and so on; it is popular with the domestic and foreign clients.

5.The top head:

The power head is driven by two high-torque hydraulic motors. The spur gear three-stage reduction system (reduction ratio is 64), the central shaft can output low speed. At the same time, the torque is increased to meet the needs of large-diameter drilling. The power head core tube is sealed by a set of V-shaped rubber rings to ensure the airtightness of the pipeline. This power head can also be used as a drilling pressure counterweight to improve drilling efficiency in slipping formations.

The rig should be checked at any time

1. Check the consolidation of the wire rope end;

The contents of the wire rope inspection are: the number of safety rings of the wire rope, the selection, installation and lubrication of the wire rope, the defect inspection of the wire rope, such as the diameter and wear of the wire rope, the number of broken wires of the wire rope, etc.;

2. Check the pulley system of the drilling machine at any time. The main inspection items are: the condition of the pulley body and the anti-jumping device of the transition pulley;

3. Check the walking system of the drilling rig at any time. The main inspection items are: the condition of the pile machine, the card board and the hook pipe system, and the laying of the sleeper;

Third, do a good job of rig maintenance and repair records, the replacement parts should have a detailed record to ensure that the spare parts are used within the validity period, or keep abreast of the time of the next replacement;

4. If the rig is faulty, stop the operation immediately and do not use it until the fault is not eliminated.


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