Pepper deep processing equipment

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 Pepper processing equipment is a production line for crushing, screening, grading, conveying and packaging peppers. This equipment is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, and can be upgraded according to customer requirements
Under the high-speed rotation of the electric motor, the material in the hot pepper deep processing equipment directly enters the high-shear crushing zone from the inlet. Through a special crushing device, some large powder, sticky, lumps and other large particles in the fluid are quickly crushed and then sucked in In the shearing and crushing zone, in a very narrow working aisle, the rotor blade and the stator blade are relatively high-speed cutting, resulting in strong friction and grinding and crushing. Under the action of mechanical movement and centrifugal force, the crushed and refined materials are re-pressed into the fine grinding zone for grinding and crushing. The fine grinding is divided into three levels. The more outwardly the first level grinding disc is, the higher the precision, the smaller the tooth pitch, the longer the linear speed, the finer the material is ground, and the fluid gradually extends to the radial curve. The direction and speed of the fluid at each level changes instantaneously, and it is subjected to tens of millions of times per minute of high-speed shear, strong friction, extrusion grinding, particle smashing, etc., after passing through three fine grinding zones tens of millions of times After shearing, grinding and crushing, the effects of molecular chain breaking, particle crushing, and liquid particle tearing of the liquid material are produced, so that the material can fully achieve the purpose of dispersion, crushing, emulsification, homogenization, and refinement. The minimum fineness of the liquid material can reach 0.5um. You can grind the peppers finer.
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