PP extrusion sheet

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Detailed description
PP extruded sheet, also known as polypropylene (PP) sheet (PP pure sheet, modified PP sheet, reinforced PP sheet, PP welding rod), is a semi-crystalline material. It is harder than PE and has a higher melting point. Since homopolymer PP is very brittle when the temperature is higher than 0℃, many commercial PP materials are random copolymers with 1 to 4% ethylene or clamp copolymers with higher ethylene content.
PVC board manufacturers introduced that PP extruded boards have the characteristics of light weight, uniform thickness, smooth and flat surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation, and non-toxicity. PP board is widely used in the fields of chemical containers, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, food packaging, medicine, decoration and water treatment. The practical temperature of PP board can reach 100 degrees.
Scope of application
Acid and alkali resistant equipment, electroplating equipment, solar photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection equipment, waste water, exhaust gas discharge equipment, washing tower, clean room, semiconductor factory and related industrial equipment, is also the first choice for manufacturing plastic water tanks, PVC board The manufacturer Lixin introduced that PP thick sheets are widely used in stamping sheets, punching mattress sheets, etc.
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