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The hot air drying box adopts a rotary heating device, which can generate a large amount of hot air in a short time. It can kill the eggs through high temperature treatment and completely solve the discoloration phenomenon during the drying process. The drying box adopts metal aluminum inner wall panels. , Silicone cotton insulation, corrugated color steel plate or aluminum alloy outer wall panel. The box body adopts digital control and detection, so that air circulation and humidification, and heating can be effectively controlled.
With the improvement of grain types, the increase in yield and the increase of the state's investment in grain drying equipment, more and more large, medium and small grain drying facilities are being built. It is very important to choose a dryer with high quality, long service life, economical and practical, good reliability and high degree of automation.
1. It adopts a unique internal cold trap, which has a simple and practical structure.
2. The working temperature of the cold trap is ≤40℃ (optional ≤60℃, ≤88℃).
3. The refrigeration system adopts famous brand compressor, which has large refrigeration capacity and low energy consumption.
4. The vacuum series are safe and reliable, with high working vacuum.
5. The heating and drying process is automatically controlled, the heating temperature fluctuation is small, and the control is accurate.
6. The moisture content of the product can be as low as 1 to 3%, while maintaining the original color, fragrance, taste and nutrients, and has a long shelf life.
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