White Pure Sesame Seed Paste

Brand: shermark
packaging: bottle or drum
color: brown
shelf life: 18 months
Price: 1.20Dollar/370g
Order: 500
Total amount: 10000
Delivery period: From the date of payment by the buyer shipped within days
Valid until: long term effective
latest update: 2020-04-22 10:47
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Detailed description
Product Details
We specialise in manufactuering and developing sesame seed oil, sesame seed paste for ten years in China. Our product is widely used both in domestic and international market due to the superior quality, service and competitive prices.Welcome you come to visit our factory and we will very happy to cooperate with you. 
Welcome you come to visit our factory and we will very happy to cooperate with you. 

Production process
1.The first is to stir fry sesame in the boiler, this is the most difficult thing.If the fire is not good, the fire is a lot of sesame paste,then the sesame paste smells of scorching .If the fire is small, then the sesame paste is not fragrant.
2.Fried sesame seeds are all golden yellow, and they can smell fragrant sesame seeds on one side. The best sesame, is with no impurity.
3.Stir fried sesame seeds will be used for grinding. The real sesame paste can be called "real sesame paste". This has been followed by previous practices.
4.The sesame paste produced by rubbing stones and stones has been known to all the friends who eat it.For this color and fragrance of sesame paste, friends in the city, you can't buy it at the supermarket. The brand of sesame paste is processed by machine. It is not made of stone. It is not as thick as this pure sesame paste.

Our MOQ is 1ton.Packaging :Glass Bottle in Carton, Iron Drum
If you need, we can also provide customized services on the packaging.Please pay attention to the minimum quantity we sell.Shermark is looking forward to your cooperation.
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