Breathable plastic runway

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Detailed description
product manual
Process flow:
1.Basic refurbishment:
After confirming that the large surface of the foundation meets the paving standard,repair the part of the foundation:fill the voids of the cement concrete foundation with PU slurry;repair the asphalt concrete foundation and the small area of​​the cement concrete foundation(generally no more than 1M2).
2.Paving the base layer:
This process is one of the two most important processes for water-permeable plastic track.Generally there are two types of manual paving and mechanical paving.Our company uses all mechanical paving,so only the mechanical paving process is introduced here.
3.Spray surface layer:
This process is the most important one in the water-permeable runway process.It is constructed in two times,that is,it must be cross-sprayed twice.As for the direction of the first and second passes,there are no specific requirements,but it must be cross-vertical spraying,and after spraying No obvious joints:
The surveying and mapping institute or the owner and professionals will conduct the retest and /confirm/iation.After the retest is correct,use a professional marking machine to mark and draw lines to ensure consistent line width and uniform color.
Scope of application:
Schools at all levels,stadiums,track and field tracks,semicircular areas,and auxiliary areas.
National fitness path.
Indoor gymnasium training track.
Pave the playground road.
It can be used all-weather,good elasticity,good impact absorption,strong wear resistance,good weather resistance,strong compression resistance,strong nail resistance,good impact resistance,flatness,good adhesion,strong and durable.
1.Breathable plastic track,suitable for ordinary sports shoes,training shoes,rubber canvas shoes or soft rubber shoes.
2.All vehicles are forbidden on the air-permeable plastic track,and severe mechanical impact and friction should be avoided on the plastic track.
3.The edge of the air-permeable plastic track should be protected and not stripped at will.If damage is found,it should be repaired in time.
4.Air-permeable plastic track avoid contact with organic solvents and chemicals.
5.Keep it clean,you can rinse it with water,and use 10%ammonia or detergent to wipe off oily dirt.
6.It is forbidden to smoke and throw cigarette butts,chewing gum or sugary drinks.
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