Composite plastic track

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Compound product features:
The composite plastic track is made of polyurethane double material and filling materials. The rubber surface of this material is divided into two layers. The bottom layer is the same as the air-permeable track. The elastic rubber particles and polyurethane adhesive are used to make cushioning by paving equipment. The elastic layer, the thickness is about 10mm, the surface layer glue is laid with 2~3mm thick polyurethane glue, and EPDM particles are sprinkled as the wear surface layer.
Scope of application:
Schools at all levels, stadiums, track and field tracks, semicircular areas, and auxiliary areas.
National fitness path.
Indoor gymnasium training track.
Pave the playground road.
Sports professionalism:
The base layer is a one-component adhesive combined with elastic rubber particles, which is an environmentally friendly product. It has a breathable function. At high temperatures, the steam generated by the foundation will quickly radiate, and the steam pressure cannot be gathered, so there will be no bubbling, and it meets professional requirements and has good elasticity.
The surface layer is made of EPDM particles, which makes it highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. Practice has proved that it can be used for more than ten years without fear of fading.
Strong and wear-resistant, even if thousands of students use it for 10 hours a day, it can maintain excellent condition for 10 years.
1. Environmental protection:
It is non-toxic, pollution-free and meets environmental protection requirements.
2. All-weather use:
In any season and temperature difference, it can maintain a high level of quality, and it can be used immediately after rain, increasing the use time and increasing the utilization rate of the venue.
3. Flexibility:
With moderate elasticity and rebound force, it can reduce physical consumption and improve competition results. Impact absorption: moderately absorb the impact of the foot, reduce sports injuries, suitable for long-term practice and competition.
4. Weather resistance:
It will not fade, chalk or soften due to the pollution of ultraviolet rays, ozone, and acid rain, and can maintain its bright color for a long time.
5. Wear resistance:
The wear resistance is less than 2.5%, which can meet the long-term and high-frequency needs of schools at all levels.
6. Compression resistance:
Will not be unable to restore elasticity due to the weight of track and field equipment.
7. Nail resistance:
At the 100-meter starting point where the force is the most stressed and used most frequently, it will not be damaged by spikes or the starting frame. Shock resistance: With a strong elastic layer and buffer layer, it can absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged.
8. Flatness:
Self-leveling materials are used during construction, and the surface is flat, which can meet the requirements of a particularly flat playing field.
9. Adhesion:
Special construction treatment, strong adhesion, can suppress the rise of moisture, no blistering, peeling, etc.
10. Security:
It can prevent sports injuries caused by falls.
11. Economy: easy maintenance and saving management costs.
12. Color: special high-elastic EPDM and PU particles, soft surface color, granular surface layer, prevent the reflection of dazzling light, beautiful and durable, and can be used in multiple colors.
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