Exterior wall thermal insulation decorative integrated board

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Detailed description
 The exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated board is composed of XPS / EPS / pur / phenolic / rock wool / class a vacuum ultra-thin board insulation layer + inorganic resin board + strong composite glue + colorful paint. Colorful paint is a new environmental protection building material. It is a decorative material processed with advanced water in water technology, all water-based resin polymer, high-grade pigments and additives and high-tech technology. Through strict and scientific construction specifications, it is decorated on the outer wall of the building to form a stone like appearance decoration effect like granite. It is widely used in the exterior walls of high-grade buildings such as hotels, high-grade residential buildings, financial and commercial buildings, villas, large chain stores, office buildings and office buildings.
It has the following characteristics:
A environmental protection and energy saving, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements for building coatings. In the decoration of external walls, it can replace the precious stone materials with increasingly scarce resources, and can also cooperate with the external wall thermal insulation materials for professional imitation granite decoration.
B ultra strong self-cleaning function. Due to the selection of high-quality imported resin substrate, the wear resistance and washing resistance of the coating are significantly improved. Even if the coating is polluted, it only needs to be removed with water-based detergent, which will not affect the coating effect.
C super weather resistance, whether in ordinary environment or in harsh environment such as acid rain erosion, the coating has high stress and resistance, and the service life is more than 15 years.
D can imitate natural granite in color and confuse the false with the true in the visual interface, which can achieve superior workmanship and better than natural effect. According to the design of the building itself, it can flexibly reflect the unique lines and sense of hierarchy of the building. It can adapt to any irregular building wall, and can decorate any bending, fine edge and other parts.
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