Water flushing direct discharge environmental protection public toilet

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Detailed description
working principle
The toilet is a metal mine street structure. The external wall is made of metal thermal insulation decorative integrated board (stainless steel, wood plastic, anti-corrosion wood and PVC hanging board) and the internal wall is made of 304 stainless steel board (bamboo wood fiberboard, aluminum plastic board and UV board). The wall is equipped with fire-retardant thermal insulation layer, and owenswa is laid on the top as finishing material. The ground shall be stainless steel skid plate or anti-skid stone plastic floor. The crane can fall, rise and fall, and the transportation and installation are convenient. When the public toilet is installed, it can be used by connecting the water supply, drainage and sewage pipes.
Product features
1. Integrated all stainless steel facilities: durable
2. Toilet as a whole: high-grade luxury, bright and clean, easy to clean.
3. Adopt water-saving devices and toilets: save water resources
4. Low failure rate, especially convenient for managers' daily maintenance.
Indoor facilities
Stainless steel toilet, exhaust fan, coat hook, wash basin, cosmetic mirror, water-saving self closing water hole head, stainless steel assistant handrail, toilet paper box, ashtray, waste paper basket, energy-saving lighting lamps, etc.
technical parameter
Electrical control mode: automatic control
Operating ambient temperature: 50 ° - 40 °
Flushing mode: automatic flushing or foot valve flushing
Daily power consumption: 0.5W
Power supply mode: Mains 220V / 50Hz
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