Wood Vinegar Use in Agriculture for Defense and Break The Mold, Aphids and Mites

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Detailed description
 Organic wood vinegar is an environmentally friendly additive.We produce and supply organic wood vinegar from our Charcoal process.


They are natural, organic and is widely used in agriculture, golf courses, horticulture, deodorizer, health products as well as household products.

We are able to supply a large quantity of quality, pure/unadulterated Wood Vinegar.Wood vinegar reduces the cluster value of water to 1/3. This means that the water is activated and can be easily absorbed by the plants and animals because water with a low cluster value is in a very small mass. Each of these masses will hold one or few mineral elements. These elements can be easily taken into the plants. This will greatly reduce the use of aggro-chemicals. However, it should not be used with alkaline chemicals.

In addition,the liquid wood vinegar use in agriculture as pesticide,and its effect is remarkable.Wood vinegar defense aphid and it also can be used as defense mites vinegar.


Natural plant extraction/Natural fungicide/Improved soil organic fertilizer/organic rice medium



Advantages and Benefits of Wood Vinegar as Pesticide:

●Repel pests, prevent plant infection from fungal, bacterial and virus-like disease.

●Inhibits virus and soil disease when mixed in high concentration.

●Repels insects on plants (or deodorizer): Dilute one part wood vinegar with 20 parts water and spray it the plant or to the substrate in case of odor removal.

●Prevents diseases caused by bacteria.

●Reduce odor:A wood vinegar solution of 1:50 will diminish the production of odor-causing ammonia in animal pens.

●Repel houseflies. Dilute wood vinegar at a rate of 1:100 and apply to affected areas.

●Repel nematodes: 1:500 (apply to the base of plants).

●Corn preservative.

●Control of fungal diseases: 1:200 (spray onto leaves).

●Control of root rot: 1:200 (apply to the base of plants).

●Reduce incidence of chili pepper flowers aborting: 1:300 (spray onto leaves).


Defense mites vinegar


We use liquid wood vinegar on our own testing ground.The above picture is not using wood vinegar liquid, the pomegranate leaf is covered with aphids. The following picture was after used and the aphids were killed. You can clearly see the product's efficacy.


A series of fertilizer based on wood vinegar liquid


The Picture 
of product

Key technical indicators

Packing specification

Main function

Method of operation

Pure Natural Insecticidal


Total acid (organic acid) w/% ≥ 3.5,  the content of combustion residue≤ 0.5

5 kg/barrel

This product has the characteristics of good volatility and long duration. It contains a variety of active substances and has a strong avoiding effect on birds, insects and so on.

Bottle exposure, 150ml/bottle per tree.

Bacteriostatic Insecticidal


Catechins≥ 4g/L, acetic acid ≥  30g/L

2kg/barrel, 5kg/barrel, 10kg/barrel

It contains multiple active substances, inhibiting and killing the aphids, red spider, nematodes, mildew, downy mildew, etc.

0.003kg/every square metre, diluted 150-200 times spraying.



Total acid (organic acid) w/% ≥  4.5, and the content of combustion residue≤ 0.25

1kg/barrel, 3kg/barrel, 5kg/barrel

This product according to the characteristics of fruiting developmental choose plant acid containing active factor, can promote plant chlorophyll synthesis, enhance photosynthesis, enhance skin anthocyanin content, promote fruit coloring, increase the sugar.

0.00075 kg/every square metre. Dilute 500-800 times.



The total amount of humic acid≥ 30g/L, the total nutrient content≥ 200g/L, the content of organic acids≥ 30g/L, the content of the active substance is 1-2mg/L, and the proportion is 1.2-1.4

5kg/barrel, 10kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

1. Take root. Activate the rhizosphere microbiological system and promote the development and growth of root shoots. 2. Bacteriostasis prevention. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms such as harmful bacteria and pathogens. 3. Improve efficiency. Promote the absorption of nutrient elements in crops, improve fertilizer utilization and improve the quality of fertilizer.

0.015kg/every square metre, diluted 3000-500 times diluted with water.

IMPROVE Nutrients


Amino acids≥100 g/L, Cu+Fe+Mn+B+Mod≥20g/L

1kg/barrel, 2kg/barrel, 3kg/barrel, ,5kg/barrel

1. The blade is green and thick. Increase chlorophyll content, increase photosynthetic rate and promote crop growth. Delay the aging process. Improve cell metabolism, delay aging and prolong leaf growth cycle. Disease repellent. Contain bactericidal factor, to aphid, red spider, ground worm, white mildew disease, frost mildew disease and so on have inhibition and killing effect. 4. Bright fruit color. Promote the absorption of phosphorus elements, increase sugar content, and brighten the fruit color.

0.00075 kg/every square metre. Dilute 500-800 times blade surface spraying.



The total amount of humic acid ≥30g/L, the total nutrient content≥ 200g/L, the content of organic acids≥ 30g/L, the content of the active substance is 1-2mg/L, and the proportion is 1.2-1.4

10kg/barrel, 20kg/barrel

1. Root mulch. To activate the root environment, improve crop resistance, and remove the drug and fertilizer. 2. Baohua baoguo. Improve the ability of pollination to prevent falling fruit, increase fruit density and sugar content. 3. Antibacterial disease prevention. Inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms such as harmful bacteria and pathogens. Increase the quality of production. Promote the plant to absorb all kinds of nutrition, make the crop orderly enlarge, grow.

0.015kg/every square metre, diluted 3000-500 times diluted with water. The safety period is not less than 7 days. Small amount of sediment does not affect the effect. Please shake and use. Do not mix with alkaline pesticide or fertilizer to avoid reducing the potency and efficiency.


We also have a lot of natural organic fertilizer and pesticides that use wood vinegar as raw materials, and you can contact us to know more about them.


Toroyal factory



Shandong Tairan Biological Engineering Co., LTD.is affiliated to shandong Toroyal Group.Its products liquid wood vinegar after further processing can be widely used in ecological agriculture and organic agriculture, ecological forestry, ecological fishery, ecological farming, flower planting, sewage treatment, soil improvement, ecological aspects such as pesticide and daily necessities, wide application, the effect is obvious. In addition, the improvement of saline-alkali land, prevention and control of water and algae blooms, anti-drug control and so on have shown encouraging results in many aspects. According to the statistics, Japan has already used wood to use the wood to use in the green organic agriculture and the ecological agriculture, the amount of wood is over 40,000 tons per year. The U.S. also has extensive applications.


Packing and loading



We use blue buckets or tons of barrels of wood vinegar. You can rest assured that the liquid won't leak out.



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According to our company policy, we will charge you the express fee in the first time but the sample will be free. While we start our business, we will reimburse the money for you.

4.Why should you choose Toroyal?

We are professional in the manufacturing (over 15 years' experience),and we have good experience for export. We can offer you competitive price with lowest cost but good quality.

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