Royal Chicken

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Detailed description
The Royal Chicken is a poultry belonging to the Ornithidae family. It has a peculiar appearance and a beard covering part of the eyelids. The eyes are large and flexible, and the nostrils are exposed and conspicuous. Three crests, five toes, and black and white flower feathers are the most typical features. .
The feathers on the head of the imperial concubine hen are extraordinarily luxuriant, resembling the feather caps used by European noble ladies, hence the name "precious woman chicken". Later, because the term "concubine" is closer to the ancient Chinese culture, the mass acceptance is higher. Then it evolved into the "Royal Chicken".
The imperial concubine chicken is petite and exquisite. The crest is a feathered phoenix crest, which is more obvious in adult roosters. There is an independent small cone-shaped crown in front of the crown. The crown is a bean crown. Both sides of the crown are bowl-shaped developed fleshy bodies, extending into a "V"-shaped fleshy horn-shaped crown, bright red in color and delicate, with a posterior shape. A bunch of large black and white flowers like a ball.
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