PVC transparent board

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Detailed description
Transparent PVC board: Thickness: 2-20mm Maximum width: 1.3m The product has a film on both sides.
PVC sheet is non-toxic, hygienic, good weather resistance, high strength, good transparency, and its physical properties are better than organic glass. Widely used in equipment guards, drinking water tanks, liquid level display containers, etc.
PVC transparent board: It is divided into PVC transparent hard board (2mm-20mm) and PVC transparent soft board (2mm-6mm). The product has the advantages of smooth and flat surface, good transparency, flame retardancy, insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-deformation, and good weather resistance. It is widely used in corrosion-resistant containers, equipment and electrical shields, light boxes, advertising and decoration industries.
PVC plastic soft board (1mm-10mm): The surface of the PVC soft board is smooth and flat, resistant to acids and alkalis, and has the advantages of high strength, low shrinkage, and convenient construction. PVC soft board is mainly used for the lining of anti-corrosion equipment such as acid and alkali. It can also be used as general electrical insulation and sealing gasket material, and it can also be used for laying chemical workshop floors and laboratory countertops. And can be used as a substitute for rubber sheets.
Color of PVC board manufacturers: reddish brown, green, white, tan, etc.
Density: 1.45, 1.52, 1.65 three kinds, can be customized according to the purpose of different quality.
Packing: white woven bag
Maximum width: 1300mm
Length: 50 kg/roll, any length can also be customized.
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