Pipeline Polyethylene Fitting Sheet

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It is composed of radiation crosslinked polyolefin substrate and special sealing hot melt adhesive. The special sealing hot melt adhesive can form a good bond with polyolefin substrate, steel pipe surface and solid epoxy coating.



It has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance and good resistance to ultraviolet rays and photo aging.



First heat the cross-linked polyethylene substrate to about 80 ° C, then heat compound the glass fiber web and the extruded adhesive film on the two-roller machine, and cool it. The finished piece can be fixed after cutting. It is better to control the thickness of the film to about 0-25mm, and the melt strength of the extruded film directly affects the stability of the production process. If the temperature of the machine head is too high, the melt viscosity is small, the extruded film sags severely, the film thickness is difficult to control, and the product qualification rate decreases. If the temperature of the machine head is too low, the temperature of the machine head will be too low, which will reduce the smoothness of the extruded film, and it will also reduce the composite strength between the three layers. Therefore, the optimal head temperature should be controlled at around 135 ℃.




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Q: What kinds of services you will provide to us?

A:year warranty ,free components, life-long technical support and design service.


Q : How is your quality control?

A: Strict quality control is performed in every procedure from material sourcing, processing and testing to packing.


Q : Are you a manufacturer ?

A:Yes, our factory established since 2008.


Q:How long is the production lead time?

A:After receiving your 30% deposit ,generally it is 5-10days if the goods are in stock, or 25-30 days if not


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A:30% deposit,70% balance, you could pay by T/T, L/C,PAYPAL,WESTERN UNIOn,MonEYGRAM Trade Assurance is recommended


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A:Usually ship by sea takes 30days. airline or express also optional for small order and 3-5days arrival, shipping time differs for different countries


Q:Which port is the nearest from your company ?

A:The Qingdao port is the nearest.


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According to statistics, China's annual output of steel is 160 million tons. More than 60 million tons are lost each year due to corrosion. Almost equal to the annual output of Shanghai steel General Iron and Steel Plant.

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