Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

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Detailed description
 Product introduction:

BZT400 drilling rig istrailer mounted water well drilling rig, can be pulled by tractor and work with independent CUMMINS diesel engine.



Product parameters:


Drill depth

400 (m)

Drill rod

89mm (3-1/2”)

Winch capacity

Main hook lifting capacity (kN)


Auxiliary hook lifting capacity (kN)


Max- rope speed of main winch(m/min)


Max- rope speed of auxiliary winch (m/min)


Rotary table

Inner diameter(mm)


Rotate speed (rpm)







Rated load(t)


Drill tool



Drill rod(mm)


Mud pump

Displacement 850L/min

Pressure 2 Mpa

Displacment 600L/min

Pressure 3 Mpa

Diesel engine

Cummins 6BT5.9-C130


Transportation size

L*W*H (mm)





It is suitable for high-rise buildings, bridges, mines, ports, dam foundation, water well construction, the complex ground source heat pump drilling construction. It is easy to use, easy to operate,easy to maintenance,low investment,quick effect.



1、Preparation before working

1)Before drilling, the workers should know the regional stratum to chose suitable drilling way . The operator should have the experience of drilling and can handle the hole accident.

2)The operator must be trained and master the theory and operation of this drilling rig.

3)Prepare well the needed equipment, tools and materials for drilling. The persons must wear safety hat and use safety belt when climb the mast.

4)Check if the oil position are normal or not, including cool fluid, engine oil,diesel oil,hydraulic oil.

5)Check if the lubrication oil position of gear box, rotary table, mud pump are normal or not. Add if necessary and change in time.

6)Check if the operation handles of mud pump and gear box are on empty position or not before start to work.

7)Check the spare parts of the rig if connect fasten, in case not move.

8)Dig mud pit, put in the protecting casing, put the drill bit in the protecting casing.( Note: if the bit size less 500mm, can put it down through the rotary table, if the size more than 500mm, should first put the bit in the casing)


The rig system consists of:

1. Power system, equipment that provides energy for a complete rig

2. Working system, equipment that works according to the requirements of the process;

3. Transmission system, equipment for transmitting, conveying and distributing energy to the working unit;

4. Control system, control each system and equipment, coordinate and accurately work according to the requirements of the process;

5. Auxiliary system, equipment that assists the main system to work.


Engineering case:

A domestic oil group conducted on-site inspection and acceptance of the rigs that had been completed. Binzhou BZT600 trailer water well drilling rig successfully passed customer acceptance




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