Borehole for Water Well Drill Rig

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Detailed description
 Product introduction:

CYT400 series drilling rig is borehole for water well drill rig, mast rising up by itself, suitable for buildings, bridges, geological mines, harbors, dam foundations, well construction, ground source heat pump drilling construction.


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Product parameters:

Drill depth(m)


Drill diameter(mm)


Inner diameter of turntable(mm)


Rotarytable rotation speed(forward and reverse)(r/min)


Rated output torque of turntable(KN.m)


Main hoist lifting capacity(single rope)(KN)


Bearing capacity of hydrant(KN)


Matching power of main machine(KW)


The weight of whole machine(kg)



Rig installation

1、Fix the frame on the wood so that the turntable is aligned with the well.

2、Fix the power and put the gearbox in neutral

3、Fasten the rear legs of the tower to the wood

4、Operate the hand wheel to use winch to pull the front tower to make the tower straight(see the attached picture), fix the front leg,. The center of the tower is aligned with the center of the turntable

5、Install wire rope pulley and wire rope safety ring, pull wire rope (see picture attached)

The wire rope and hooks are hung separately on the support of the pole to use the winch to raise the tower.


Rig operation

⑴Starting power

⑵Pull the gear of the reel clutch and put the gearbox handle to the normal speed

⑶The belt (or clutch) is moved to the working position and the rig starts to work after it has rotated normally

⑷The gearbox stops in the neutral, hoists the active rod to connect the bit well

⑸Start water pump to put water in water faucet, gearbox to positive turn

⑹Slowly drilling when the handle of the operation lock is loosened on the reel.The final drilling of one rod, stop turntable and supply of water; press Drum lifting handle,Close the card board to catch the connector

⑺Turn the belt to the idling, turn the gearbox handle on reverse rotate position, and unload the drill pipe.


CYT series rig fault repair:

1. Maintenance by professional and technical personnel;

2. Construction professional maintenance tools, negotiating reasonable maintenance methods;

3. Improve work efficiency while ensuring maintenance quality.


Engineering rig definition

Common engineering rig structure:

It consists of power parts, main and auxiliary winches, gearboxes, grinding discs, faucets, drill pipes, racks, control boxes and other auxiliary components.


Engineering case:

From July 6, 2017 to June 18, 1818, Malik, Director of the National Water Conservancy Bureau of Senegal, Africa, came to our company to purchase BZC400CAC and BZC600CA vehicle water well drilling rigs. Senegal is located in the westernmost part of the western part of Africa. The capital of Dakar, the hottest season temperature can reach 50 °C, the national average annual temperature is 21 °C, long-term drought, the annual average rainfall is less than 100 mm.

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